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4 X 4 & AWD Servicing

4 x 4 General Services

  • Drain old oil, flush engine & refill with top quality oil
  • Renew oil filter
  • Clean out engine breathers
  • Top-up gearbox, axle, power steering & steering box
  • Top-up brake fluids & washer bottles
  • Grease up all accessible suspension joints
  • Lubricate door & tailgate/boot hinges & locks etc...
  • Clean, lubricate & adjust throttle linkages
  • Check & report on engine & transmission leaks
  • Check & report on brake, steering & suspension leaks
  • Check cooling system & pressure test for external leaks
  • Electronically test brake fluid (for boiling point) moisture content

Under Hood Services

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Valve Clearance: check and adjust (except hydraulic adjusters)
  • Air Filter: check and renew if required
  • Ignition System: check points, cap, rotor arm, if applicable
  • Spark Plugs: renew
  • Ignition Timing: check, renew if required
  • Engine Idle Speed: measure and adjust CO if required
  • Fuel System: check for leaks
  • Drive Belts: check and adjust
  • Cooling System: check for antifreeze strength and leaks, top up coolant
  • Battery: check condition, top up if applicable, clean and grease terminals
  • Carburetor: check security, top up damper if applicable
  • Power Steering: check for leaks, top up if required
  • Check Brake and Clutch Fluid: top up if required
  • Automatic Transmission, if fitted: check oil level, top up if required
  • Screen Washers: top up reservoir
  • Hood Release and Hinges: check operation and lubricate

Under Vehicle Services

  • Remove wheels, check front disc condition and pad wear
  • Remove Drums if applicable, check lining condition and examine cylinders
  • Check Emergency Brake travel, adjust if required
  • Brake Lines and Flex Hoses: check for leaks and corrosion
  • Exhaust System: check for security, leaks and corrosion
  • Ball Joints and Transmission: check for wear
  • Shock Absorbers: check for condition and operation
  • Steering Gear: check for wear & leaks
  • CV Joints/Boots: check for wear and leaks
  • Clutch: adjust if required (if applicable)
  • Tracking: check
  • Gearbox, rear axle (if applicable): check oil level, top up if required
  • Tires: check and report condition, correct inflation, including spare

Interior Vehicle Services

  • Interior lights and instrument lights, hazard light switch, check
  • Windshield and headlamp, washers and wipers, check
  • Door hinges and locks, lubricate
  • Heating and ventilation controls, check

Exterior Vehicle Services

  • Lights, check operation
  • Headlamps, check alignment
  • Hood/tailgate hinges, lubricate

Road Test Services

  • Check operation of vehicle
  • Check all instruments function properly
  • Brake test

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